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How To Colour Block Like A Boss!

Hey guys! For those of you who have been following me for a while now must be aware of my love for black. I have been obsessed with it ever since I have been able to identify colours. Something about... Continue Reading →

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Dandiya Lookbook : Straight From Kutch!

Heya guys! Hope you all have been doing well. It's been quite some time since I last posted, thanks to my super busy schedule and umm... laziness! For those of you who don't know, I was working full time and... Continue Reading →

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All Black 101: Leather & Lace!

Hey all! With 2017 knocking right at our doors, I'm sure you must be high on celebration spirits. Though my idea of a great new year's eve is a simple dinner with my loved ones, you should definitely make your... Continue Reading →

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Borrowing is the new black!

Hey girls! You won't deny - we all have days when we stand in front of our wardrobes absolutely clueless about what to wear. We might have a million clothes, but I know, the struggle is really real! My solution... Continue Reading →

The VINTAGE Avenue!

Heya peeps! While my last post was an open declaration of my love for black, this one aims to take you back in times. Presenting, 'The Vintage Avenue', in which I will talk about my take on vintage fashion. I am... Continue Reading →

Gym jams

Hey people! Its almost summer and all we want in our life is to laze around and look good. Looking good often comes with a price in summers- sweat, heat and tan;  But not any more! We have the sporty... Continue Reading →


Hey all ❤ A few days back, I received a parcel from Pajjama Party containing two of their very cute pajamas, asking me to do a product review. So here it is!! For those of you who don't know much... Continue Reading →


Hey all ❤ I have come up with something new for you guys this time! Guess what? A goth themed shoot! My love for boldness is undying. And nothing carries the tag of bold on its shoulders better than Goth.... Continue Reading →


  Hey there! ❤ Struck by cupid's Arrow ? A dinner date is the solution! This is the season of love , romance and all about looking gorgeous with your favourite dress on ! It's  Valentine's Day , it's time... Continue Reading →

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